Board & Brush Creative Studio
Bryce & Casey Hrncirik
Board & Brush Creative Studio, Wichita Falls is a do-it-yourself (DIY) wood painting studio. When you visit for a workshop, you will learn how to distress, sand, stain, use power tools & paint your project. They have over 400 gallery options online that range anywhere from porch signs, herb boxes, shelves, crates and actual signs that you can hang on your walls. There is something in their gallery for everyone! They have multiple paints and stains, giving you endless options on how your project will turn out. Board & Brush hosts two public workshops each week, and also host private parties that can be held any day & time during the week.

CrashWorks STEAM Studio & Makerspace
Shauna & Ty LaRocque
CrashWorks STEAM Studio & Makerspace was a pipe dream of Shauna’s. She was never sure if it would actually come to fruition. A former teacher, current homeschooling mom, and educator at heart, she started daydreaming while on a family vacation to Florida, where they visited a creative art studio. The studio was full of a random assortment of materials, and as she watched her kids creating, an idea was born. With the support of her husband Ty, she spent a year planning and researching. When the building on Indiana came available for lease-their perfect, dream location-they knew it was time to take the leap. Ty spent his days off working long hours at the studio while Shauna handled the business side of things. Seven months, very little sleep, thousands of cups of coffee and seven amazing new team members later, CrashWorks opened its doors!

Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning
Drew Hill
Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning is a sports-performance and weight-training facility that specializes in utilizing modern scientific approaches and core philosophies to get results and change lives. With sports becoming more competitive each year, gaining an edge is crucial for each athlete and team. In addition, sports related injuries are on the rise and we use research supported methods to mitigate injury risks and build confidence. This is only possible through our strong faith, and the understanding that it takes more than yourself to lift mountains. The name may be hard to pronounce, but the results are easy to see.

Horseshoe Bend Cellars
Linda & Scott Poenitzsch
940-855-2093 or 217-617-8046
Nestled between the rustling waters of the Wichita River and the shores of Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Bend Cellars is a family-owned fully operational vineyard and winery that produces some of the most unique wines in the Wichita Falls area. The quiet countryside winery features a tasting room, banquet suite, complete with a balcony overlooking the vineyard, oak barrel aging room, fermentation tank room, and bottling room. The winery hosts events such as stargazing nights, dinner date nights, wine pairing events and many more. Grab a glass or a bottle and enjoy a cheese board that includes your choice of cheese and meat pairings while enjoying the quiet countryside views.

R.W. Long, Inc.
Kristin & Richard Long
Richard Long has been in the landscape, tree service, and irrigation industries for over 25 years, and holds numerous state licenses related to his field: BPAT, IT, and Commercial Pesticide Applicator License. He has several new tools, most of which are patent pending. These new, innovative tools save water, oil, customer cost, time and money. For example, the new stem sockets help protect the environment. Richard wants to be at the forefront of water and environmental conservation to continue the Wichita Falls legacy of leading the way in best water use practices.

Wichita Valley Pet Cremation
Barry & Beth Tate
Barry and Beth Tate and their four children are a native Texan, animal-loving family, who own and operate their business on their 80 year-old working Wichita Valley farm. Established in 2018, Wichita Valley Pet Cremation offers the best pet aftercare available. Their ultimate goal is to help you “honor your pet’s memory.” Barry and Beth are dedicated to their mission of giving the most compassionate and honest care available, supporting you during your time of grief.