Why Should I Enter i.d.e.a.WF?

People entering the contest can get at least three benefits: Process, Feedback, and Prizes

PROCESS: Many Americans dream of launching a business – few do. One reason is they never find the time to make it happen or know how to get started. i.d.e.a.WF creates a process with deadlines to meet as well as training and help. Many times people say it was the IdeaWF process that made it all possible for them to build momentum.
FEEDBACK: People often have only a general idea of what they want to do. What they need most is some honest, unbiased feedback about how they can turn that general idea into a real business. The Small Business Development Center provides invaluable feedback as they work with the i.d.e.a.WF entrants on their executive summaries and business plans. Then the judges enter the picture, and these five successful business leaders will tell our entrants exactly what they do and don’t like about the plan.
PRIZES: For those fortunate enough to win, the prize package can give them a real boost. In addition to the cash, our winners get free professional assistance in the most critical areas: legal, accounting, marketing, human resources, and IT.

Why does the community support i.d.e.a.?

JOBS! i.d.e.a.WF is ALL about helping to launch new businesses that get the majority of their business from outside of the local area. As this new money flows into the area, these new businesses hire new employees (or use the services of existing businesses in our area, which then have to hire more employees themselves). And these new employees draw salaries, which are being paid with money coming from customers outside of the local area. These salaries grow the entire regional economy. Because of this, i.d.e.a. is a contest where everyone wins!